Review: Restaurant Pegasus, Tallinn

Review: Restaurant Pegasus, Tallinn

Before leaving to Tallinn I made a few bookings to different restaurants, and this one was called Pegasus. It's located in the Old Town and we hadn't been there before so we wanted to give it a try since the reviews in Tripadvisor were quite solid.

We were running a bit tight on our schedule since we enjoyed the Hilton Tallinn Park's lovely SPA for quite a while, so we used an app called Taxify to get a ride from the hotel to the Old Town. It was easy and affordable! 

The building itself isn't one of the prettiest in this part of the city but we weren't going to sit outside and look at it :) Otherwise the area is quite lovely!

Near Restaurant Pegasus Tallinn
Old Town Tallinn

We were escorted to the 2nd floor and to our table by the window overlooking Niguliste kirik (St. Nicholas' Church).

Menus were brought and we were thrilled to find so many interesting dishes.

First we were served complimentary house bread, which was warm, succulent and looked amazing. It was basically white bread that had also beer in the dough giving it a darker color and a terrific twist in taste. There were pumpkin seeds in it, too. It was served with butter with salt grains on top. Perfect!

Restaurant Pegasus complimentary house bread

For children there isn't that much choice, but ours went for a chicken pasta, which was big and tasty.

For starter I had Oriental Duck Salad, which was absolutely superb. A lovely mix of ingredients and different Oriental flavors with nicely prepared pieces of duck. It looked great and tasted even better.

Restaurant Pegasus Duck salad

My wife ordered a Creamy soup from wild mushrooms. It was smooth and full of flavor. There were croutons in the soup, and they were also just perfect: not too soft, not too dry.

For main courses we chose a Bean stew on toast, and Wild game picked by the chef.
My wife fell in love with the toast and I agree: it was incredible. Real comfort food at its best. The goat cheese on top of the toast hit the spot. There was a poached egg that was again beautifully done.

The game dish was exquisite: meat was tender and the surface of a beautiful, grilled color. Lingonberry-red wine sauce worked really well with the game. Baked red onion was mostly savored by our child ;) The dish looked like a piece of art.

Restaurant Pegasus main course - wild game

For dessert we shared Apple stewed in red wine. It was interesting and well prepared although perhaps it wasn't so much to our liking compared to the rest of the meal which was outstanding.

We had a bottle of Prosecco which was a good choice since it worked well throughout the meal.
Service was friendly and professional. Well done!

Review: Hilton Tallinn Park

Review: Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel


This is my personal review of Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel.

A little autumn break was due so we decided to take a little family vacation in Tallinn, Estonia and try the new Hilton Tallinn Park, of which we had heard praise from my colleagues. I booked a four night stay in a King Deluxe Room with a view for three persons. 

We took a boat trip in a completely packed Tallink Silja SuperStar on a beautiful, sunny Wednesday morning and arrived on time in Tallinn. The disembarkation took quite a while and it was a longish walk before entering the terminal. Outside were taxis and we took one to take us into the hotel.

Hilton Tallinn Park facade
Hilton Tallinn Park

Hilton Tallinn
Hilton Tallinn Park

Lobby and check-in

When you step in to the hotel, the first view is quite fabulous. The lobby is gorgeous and modern with a high ceiling and dark, beige and golden colors. In the middle there is a bar which looked awesome and seemed to invite clients at all times of day. We were immediately impressed. A nice photo on the Hilton website.

On the right side there are check-in counters to which we proceeded and were greeted by very friendly employees. When finding out we were booked in an executive room they gave an option to check-in in the lounge. We liked the idea and they made a call to the executive lounge to inform we were coming and showed us to the elevators.

Inside Hilton Tallinn Park
Hilton Tallinn Park, elevators

Up we went to the 11th floor and the lounge was directly facing the elevators. We walked to the door and another friendly employee came to let us in and helped with the check-in while we had a drink in a window table and marveled at the beautiful autumn scenery towards the city of Tallinn.

In a few minutes we had our room keys and took our bags again to take them into our room 1007 on the 10th floor.

Executive Room

As the hotel itself, the room has very pleasant and appealing decor and everything looks brand new.
For those who need space for working there is a decent sized desk with USB and power outlets in the corner next to the window.

A stylish, thin 42-inch TV is on the wall in an unobtrusive way.

Hilton Tallinn Park Executive Room
Executive Room

On a small round table there was a welcome letter along with a small bottle of Vana Tallinn liquor, and thin rye bread with cheese and cloudberry jam. A wonderful and tasty local greeting!

Hilton Tallinn Park, welcome gift - drink and snacks
Welcome amenity with a local twist

Hilton Tallinn Park, drink and view from 10th floor
A pretty glass with Vana Tallinn liquor

Beds are comfortable and big though some of the pillows could be more distinctively different. They all felt a bit soft but we had a good night's sleep anyway. We had a king bed and an extra rollaway bed for the child.

On both sides of the bed there are small tables and over them little reading lights. Two power outlets are provided near the tables as well.

The bathroom was of good size and had both a shower and a bath.
One strange thing is the door that leads from the bedroom to the bathroom. When you open the door to enter bathroom, the same door functions also for the loo. Thus it is not overly private to go to the toilet when there are other people present in the bedroom. But it's not a big issue in my opinion, though.

Executive Lounge

The lounge is located on the uppermost (11th) floor facing the city of Tallinn with a glimpse of harbor and the Gulf of Finland. The decor is elegant as in the other parts of the hotel.
There is personnel in the lounge during its operational hours, so there should't be any hardship to find assistance for booking a table at a local restaurant or getting some hints as to where to go and what to see.

On the far right corner there are two iMac work stations and a printer, which I used later on to print some ferry tickets.

There are chairs and couches around quite a large area that still feels private and the view is definitely gorgeous from here.

Hilton Tallinn Park, self-service bar at Executive Lounge
Executive Lounge

Hilton Tallinn, Exec Lounge seating
Executive Lounge

Hilton Tallinn Park, Executive Lounge
Executive Lounge

Hilton Tallinn Park Executive Lounge, tables and view
Executive Lounge with a view towards the city
Breakfast can be had at either the lounge or the main restaurant, and we did try both. On the first morning we wanted to enjoy the view as the weather was terrific so we opted for the lounge breakfast.
It was adequate, but the food selection is of course much bigger at The Able Butcher.
Basic items were present, such as tea and coffee, juice, cereals, fruit, bacon, bread and croissants.

Hilton Tallinn Park Executive Lounge breakfast items
Cereals and nuts

Hilton Tallinn Park Executive Lounge breakfast: bread, croissants
Bread, croissants and pastries 

The lounge had a Happy Hour from 6pm to 8pm when you could have complimentary drinks and light snacks. There was Vodka, Gin and one kind of red and white wine available and a few different kinds of warm and cold options for food. Perhaps they could add a sparkling wine to the collection? As well as hot chocolate, which our daughter missed.

Hilton Tallinn Park Executive Lounge evening snacks
Happy Hour offerings at the Executive Lounge

View from Hilton Tallinn Park Executive Lounge
Panorama view from Hilton Tallinn Executive Lounge


Spa (treatment facilities, pool and gym) is located on the 2nd floor together with the restaurant.
When entering the pool area you sign your name and room number, and you're given a rubbery bracelet kind of electronic locker key.

The changing room is stylish and there is a restroom, two shower cubicles and large desk with hair dryers.

The pool area is strikingly beautiful and it's nice and warm there. The main pool is 18m long heated to 30.5c whereas the jacuzzi is 36.5c. About ten loungers are facing the pool and you can find a few additional ones in a more secluded space if you venture further left close to the saunas. There is a conventional Finnish sauna and a steam one, both of which were perfectly fine.

Spa at Hilton Tallinn Park
Spa - big pool with a whirlpool in the background

I made a reservation for my wife and myself to try a 60 min massage. I opted for an Elemis Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage. The process started by filling out a form and waiting for the therapist to come and take you to the treatment room.
My therapist's name was Inna and as like the rest of the staff at this Hilton, she was lovely: friendly, smiling, professional and spoke excellent English.

The massage was very good and relaxing, exactly like it should have been. Inna asked me to let her know if she should apply more pressure or adjust the room temperature etc.

The little details make a spa visit worthwhile: Beautiful surroundings, scented and harmonic treatment rooms, groomed and nicely dressed therapists and faint, relaxing music.In every way, ELEMIS Spa at Hilton Tallinn Park delivered :)


We tried the lighter breakfast on the first morning in the Exec Lounge, but the next three days we chose the main restaurant due to the bigger variety of breakfast items.

Breakfast was of good quality and always looked delicious. Again, service was superb. Every morning we were greeted with a genuine smile and a warm welcome. The staff were proactive and always ready to fill up your empty glasses or coffee mugs.

We enjoyed the luxury of having an omelet station and loved the quality of bread and croissants.
It was nice to see local dishes present, too.

Hilton Tallinn Park breakfast at The Able Butcher: Quinoa pudding
Quinoa pudding, breakfast at The Able Butcher restaurant

Hilton Tallinn Park breakfast at main restaurant
Omelet station, breakfast @The Able Butcher

We dined once at The Able Butcher and the restaurant surroundings were very pleasing to the eye in the evening.

We found a few dishes to try - ladies tried burgers whereas I gave a shot at risotto.
The burgers were handsome and large, the buns were of beautiful color and the burger itself was juicy and lovely.

The risotto was excellent! Rice was perfectly cooked and taste was delicate. I asked for a suitable white wine to accompany the dish and a German Riesling was suggested. I tried it and it worked well :)

Hilton Tallinn Park dinner at The Able Butcher
Dinner time @The Able Butcher

Hilton Tallinn Park dinner at The Able Butcher
The Able Butcher, kitchen in the background

Hilton Tallinn Park dinner at The Able Butcher
Excellent risotto @The Able Butcher


We were extremely pleased and impressed by the level of service at Hilton Tallinn Park. Much more so than at Hilton Helsinki Strand we visited a few weeks earlier. The staff was friendly, talkative without being pushy, helpful and hard-working, always polite and smiling. Kudos to the management for doing a great job hiring so good staff.

The Spa area was beautiful and treatments offered were very good. My wife said the massage she experienced in the hands of Kristiina, was one of the best she's ever had.

Thanks in part to excellent food and service in restaurants (like Pegasus) across Tallinn this ended up being one of the best holidays for our family so far.
We will definitely return, hopefully sooner than later!

Review: Hilton Strand Hotel, Helsinki

Review: Hilton Strand Hotel Helsinki

Introduction, booking and room

To celebrate my 36th birthday I booked a King bed room @Hilton Helsinki Strand for our family of three via Hilton App only about two hours before arriving. After about an hour I made a check-in via the app and saw that we were upgraded to an Executive Room on the 7th floor.
There seemed to be only one room to choose so we ended up in room 737, which is a good number for an aviation enthusiast ;)

Room keys were swiftly in my hand as there was nobody on the counter before us.
Room was quite spacious and immaculately clean although view was not the best in this case since we were facing an opposite building. Two bottles of water and some candy were waiting as a little extra for a Gold member. The sofa wasn't done to serve as an extra bed yet. The room itself is quite modern and there are power and USB outlets.

The usual - good - Peter Thomas Roth bathroom amenities.

Executive Room bathroom Hilton Strand Helsinki
Bathroom, Executive Room

Executive Lounge

After unpacking we walked to the Executive Lounge on the same floor. At that time there were some snacks and fruit available, as well as soft drinks and coffee machine. A few magazines were available just after the entrance. Different kinds of chairs and tables were arranged around the lounge. The furniture and decoration might need an update soon, at least in the seating area left side of the entrance. 

Cookies and fruit, Executive Lounge, Hilton Strand Helsinki
Cookies and snacks at Executive Lounge

The lounge itself is neither very big nor too fancy, but provides a decent place to spend a little time. There's a workstation with an iMac and a printer in a corner. The lounge didn't seem to be staffed other than someone bringing in the food and drinks. The view towards the sea is an added bonus of course!

Seaview from Hilton Strand Helsinki Executive Lounge
Afternoon view towards the sea from Executive Lounge
Soon after was time for some drinks and light supper (canapes), which consisted of excellent duck in lemon sauce, different salad items, grilled aubergine, hummus and some cheese. Unfortunately no photo of the duck dish as it was quite busy right then. The next photos are from a previous visit about 6 months earlier but might give you an idea of what to expect:

Light bites at Hilton Strand Helsinki Executive Lounge
Sushi and salad items at Executive Lounge

Happy Hour wines at Executive Lounge, Hilton Strand Helsinki
White and sparkling wines at Executive Lounge

There were two kinds of sparkling (an Italian Prosecco and a Spanish Cava) and white wines and one red wine to enjoy. We tried both of the sparkling ones and they were totally acceptable :) It was great that an ice bucket was provided to keep the wines cold.

After returning to our room we noticed the sofa had been turned into a bed, which was quite big enough for an 8-year-old :)

Lobby, bar and restaurant

The hotel lobby / bar is gorgeous. I think the design is just great with the high ceiling and nice details. There seemed to be at least some people in the lobby most of the time and no wonder - it's beautiful and inviting!

The main breakfast area is also here and sort of continuing to the lobby. We ate breakfast here and didn't even go to see the offerings at Executive Lounge. 

Breakfast at lobby bar/restaurant
Front lobby

Breakfast was pretty good though not amazing. There was the normal fruit, bread, yogurt, muesli, bacon as well as Chinese meatballs and some noodles. Croissants were excellent!
The highlight was when an employee came to ask our daughter if she wanted something for dessert. After about 5mins she came back with a LOVELY Belgian waffle with maple syrup, berries and ice cream. It was delicious and looked spectacular!

Breakfast at Hilton Strand Helsinki
Breakfast treat - Belgian waffle with berries and ice-cream

Pool and sauna

After the breakfast I asked for a late check out. 2pm was approved and so we went up to the top floor (8th) to see the sauna and swimming pool.

Entrance to the pool area and sauna, Hilton Strand Helsinki
Entrance to pool and sauna

When you enter the area there is a little gym that provides some basic cardio equipment and weights.

I think the sauna area (Gentlemen's side at least) starts to look a bit outdated and it would be great to have lockers there because there's no secure place to put your valuables in. And I wouldn't mind seeing the P.T.Roth amenities in the shower. I just think for a high-end hotel it looks a bit cheap to have some other stuff in the container.

In the men's sauna the thermometer was broke although you could guess the temperature since the thermometer plate was sort of cracked into two.

There wasn't any water or other drinks present although there were lots of plastic cups in the dressing room. Obviously you can drink tap water in Finland but still…

Men's sauna, changing room
Dressing room

The pool was very cool according to my family members who went for a short swim. A nice little detail was a fish tank that was attached to the pool :) A few chairs were arranged around the pool.

Pool at Hilton Strand Hotel Helsinki
Cool pool 

At about 1pm we were ready to leave and took a leisurely walk to the railway station in the crisp October wind and sunshine.

There are tram and metro stops very close to the hotel and there is also an outside market square (Hakaniemen Tori) with a market hall opposite the square.


A very decent Hilton hotel close to city center with a lovely lobby bar downstairs and a bit tired sauna area. Having properly chilled sparkling wine in the Executive Lounge is the way to go!
Staff were polite but service wasn't as friendly as in the brand new Hilton Tallinn Park, Estonia.